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  1. Hello, mates! I want to buy smtp accounts for spoofing ex:) smtp address:port:user:password:ssl mail.usuts.org:587:admin@usuts.org:passw0rd!:0 The smtp accounts should satisfy following 4 conditions: 1.send mails to gmail account by using your smtp accounts, 2.the "from mail address" and "from mail name" should be spoofed. 3.mail contents should contain tags 4.the sent mails should go into inbox folder of gmail accounts. I have bought some smtp accounts from several members of Exploit.in, but only 2 of 10 accounts work well. I have enough budgets and waiting for your reply. Regards.
  2. I have enough budgets.(50k-100k)  Then where can i meet them ? Let me know somebody or marketing urls.
  3. My friend said i can get something about 0 day here. Please help me