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  1. Only expensive in Russian forums because suppliers on Russian forums are mostly working on getting USA lines, so ending up with less UK results. if something is rare then it is always more expensive (supply and demand). Though, they are cheaper in English forums where there is competition because of many suppliers are working on getting UK results. On the other hand, i am not saying i will pay $5/10 for good private lists. Can be negotiable for sure, and i respect quality work and wouldn't hesitate to praise it. But, nowhere near $50, as i am already getting private lines for way cheaper than $50 and below $30, so no point for me paying $50 and around. It is just that i am trying to build a larger supply chain. If you are already selling them for above $30/$50 per 1K then it is very good for you and i am really happy for you, go for it my man.
  2. Actual. I am buying only private bases which are not used by someone else before. I do not want to see someone tried to reset Amazon account`s password when i get in into inbox
  3. Office365 mail : pass

    invoice fraud? .)

    i can validate your NL numbers. Also can provide you NL mobile leads along with SMS gateway solution
  5. Depends on seller`s base and the amount being purchased for. Tho, to be reference, have been buying for $5/10 per 1K for full valid lines. So looking for around these figures.
  6. I am a reseller of UK mail:pass on many English forums. I need new suppliers. I am buying good amounts DAILY! - Only valid bases - Shopping related bases are preferred - Below domains only: talktalk.net virginmedia.com virgin.net tiscali.co.uk blueyonder.co.uk btinternet btopenworld talk21.com sky.com ntlworld No jokes, no rippers please, only serious long-term business.