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  1. So the firewall blocking RDP which is stopping exploit from working? What other services are available when the firewall is on?
  2. Are you looking to remotely exploit Win7 to install the exe? Or do you have access to the Win7 box and want to propagate the exe to all other machines on the network?
  3. Azor

    This is great, thank you for sharing!
  4. That is why you travel to locations that you do not visit regularly to carry out the phone call(s).
  5. anyone have information ?

    Check PM 🙂
  6. You have options: Pay someone (a stranger) that can call for you. Maybe not a great method depending on the content of the call. (I don't like this method much) Use a Burner phone and pay as you go sim card. Make the call from a remote location then dispose of the phone and sim card separately at two other remote locations. (This one would work well). When buying your phone buy it from darknet using bitcoin on one-time use wallet or pay in cash or have someone pay in cash for you, you could use ebay as that will works too but have it delivered to a location that is not your home and use payment method that is harder to track like disposable credit card. Do not trust online methods for this like skype.
  7. Hacking of email

    I found this too, it looks interesting: https://dedik.cc/topic/155491/?tab=comments#comment-993248
  8. Hacking of email

    Search is your friend. There are some good tutorials on here, like this one https://dedik.cc/topic/156096/. Gathering emails? You can go down the route of using spam lists, leaks, dbs etc. Maybe go look at pastebin for some easy pickings. Google dorks work well too. Or try FOCA to extract metadata from documents if you are going after a direct target. Got a list of email addresses? Use something like Hydra or try password spraying if you have a large enough list by using something like SprayingToolkit. Need password lists? Use google or have a look on github. Hope that helps.
  9. Pegasus Poland

    CBS has an interview with the CEO of NSO Group here: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/interview-with-ceo-of-nso-group-israeli-spyware-maker-on-fighting-terror-khashoggi-murder-and-saudi-arabia-60-minutes/
  10. Azor

    Please share. Thanks, friend.