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  1. жаба на рдп

    just use linux vps mcabber is a small XMPP (Jabber) console client. mcabber includes features such as SASL/SSL/TLS support, MUC (Multi-User Chat) support, history logging, command completion, OpenPGP encryption, OTR (Off-the-Record Messaging) support, dynamic modules and external action triggers.
  2. eCh0raix ransomware affiliate program

    Soon. We create an affiliate program for encrypting Linux systems. We are looking for partners for conducting tests at this time. Скоро. Мы создаем партнерскую программу для шифрования систем Linux. Мы ищем партнеров для проведения испытаний в этой время.
  3. Нет. У тебя идет зашифрованный трафик. Чтобы его расшифровать и\или прочитать, изменить - ты должен иметь приватный ключ серверной стороны и или твоей стороны. Скрытый текст In the case of OpenVPN the certificate is already known to the client, there is no exchange at that point, so MiTM is mitigated based on the idea that they would have to compromise the server cert in order to mislead the client into communicating with the middle device. If the MiTM presented an alternate cert for communication, the client would reject it, likewise the best the middle attacker could do is present authentication for the client, which would result in a communication they couldn't read because they lack the private key material to decode the stream. Compromise of something like OpenVPN is notoriously hard, provided the OpenVPN server is configured adequately. The security model of that product is based on layers of security, requiring an attacker to accomplish multiple attacks on unrelated code trees simultaneously. (I'm assuming best case scenario here using tls-auth is properly implemented etc) The CVE list is small http://www.cvedetails.com/vulnerability-list/vendor_id-3278/Openvpn.html with most falling in the range of DoS as opposed to actual integrity leaks. To my knowledge, there hasn't been any compellingly successful MiTM attacks against the product. There might be some alphabet organizations out there capable, but the average pineapple user isn't going to be able to do much here.
  4. no sorry, this is a console application. What can be screenshots? you can test the application by making a purchase through the guarantor of this forum
  5. Залить куда? File Upload? Или залить шелл, или что куда залить?
  6. - Файл с входным списком в формате http://domain.com/wp-login.php;login;password - Возможность чекать через тор. Максимум 40 потоков. - Многопоточный, консольный. 1 ядро тянет до 1к потоков при чеке через широкий канал. Очень быстро работает - Привязывается к железу. Для работы требуется впс с Debian, Ubuntu, Centos $30. Гарант за Ваш счет zzzqzzz@exploit.im