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  1. Hello i'm searching for a carder who can make me card me products from amazon (or eventually alibaba/ebay/aliexpress). I need regular commands I put bitcoin through escrow until drop More details in PM
  2. Hello, Still searching a partner who can make good quality android spain installs, work 50-50 Injects and drops ready
  3. Search partner who can make ANDROID SPAIN INSTALLS, work on % First contact by PM
  4. Hello, I wanted to know if some of you had some advices, I have some contacts in Scandinavia to drop transfers but i don't know much about their securities for transfers. Between Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. I heard Finland was quite cool but I don't find answers while searching on finnish banks websites, i'm searching for banks with sms or token security and with no delay for adding new payees or thing like this. I'd be glad for help thanks, i work other countries i don't know a shit for these ones.
  5. Search SPAIN DATABASE MAIL with INFO (mail, firstname, lastname) and adress if possible PM