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  1. Как обходится Windows Defender?

    I've been testing PS snippets for .exe delivery lately. On the latest build, Win 10 Enterprise, Windows Defender blocks all files that are downloaded using IEX module. Those files are placed in $TEMP folder after downloading, this makes Windows Defender to start whining.
  2. As a general recommendation you could try to sniff admin passwords (e.g. by using responder or sniffing HTTP traffic) and then deploy RAT on servers. General rule is to stay as low as possible. Have you looked at routers/switches or printers? A lot of corporate stuff uses default credentials, so if you are lucky you might catch a router or printer. Catching a printer means that you can inspect all scanned documents and extract SMTP credentials. What is the size of networks that you have access to?
  3. Funny thing is that those guys use "burn machines" that they reset after every test, mostly Linux based OSs. According to the policy, you have a achieve a certain level of skill to start using own software. "... level of skin" - "... level of skill", just a typo. I agree. What I have found since yesterday is Sandboxie and Simplewall. I've to test this setup and see how well it works out for me. But still, having to revert every change and check every connection after one week is quite painful and takes time. I hope my laziness will find a solution soon 😅
  4. There is no doubt about Kaspersky being good at finding malware on a system. The actual issue with the Kaspersky is the reputation. It's hard to trust a product which is developed by a "retired" employee from Russian intelligence agency (there is no such thing as retired KGB/FSB officer, old Russian "joke"). There have been some discussions, mostly in US, that Kaspersky products gather information in favor of Russian GRU/FSB. And as you guys might already know, what Uncle Sam says - everyone else (specially here in Europe) has to follow. Firewall is a solution which I'm currently testing. It is however pain in the ass to setup everything right. But I might just stick to this option. I'm not here to argue about it (you might be completely right) - it can be just a myth created by media. However, I will refer back to the statement about Kaspersky's past in the Russian intelligence service. There are also recommendations from the management, which are hard to ignore. Windows host is not an option, it is a requirement from above. A lot of tests are controlled by senior staff. There is logging software and everything have to through corporate tunnels. It mostly depends on the level of skin (I'm not a member of senior team).
  5. Do you guys have a suggestion for an AV-solution that may be used on Windows 10 machine (pentest/developer/office related). Windows Defender is quite good, but is useless when using some pentest tools (wining about hacktools and dropping connections). It is also quite heavy on resources, consuming 30-70% at some points (with auto scans disabled). Some other alternatives (listed below) have been tested, but nothing I find useful. The idea is to protect system from guys who might want to test a pentester (it's quite painful to check system integrity, processes, startups and network traffic every week) ☺️ Webroot (completely useless, some older types of ransom and RAT can easily bypass and turn it off) Kaspersky (there have been a couple of 0-days in it before, hard to trust a product which is developed in close relation with Russian Federal Security Service) Avast (useless, can be bypassed using simple PS tricks) Panda (even more useless, can't detect .docx files containing PS IEX snippets) McAfee (bad reputation from before as it installed malware by itself) Norton (heavy on resources) Avira (same as Panda and Avast, useless against PS attacks)
  6. Quite interested in finding good voice synthesis/faker service myself. But this advertisement, it's the cringiest thing I've seen. Is it just me, or does these "real conversations" sound scripted? There are several projects on Github that may be used for faking voices. But they often require large datasets containing real persons' voice (e.g., #1, #2).