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  1. Something very similar happened to me, but even worse, they got infected from others to my bot and my exe never worked, and I showed the seller and foolish that it was fine.
  2. ¿Tiene soporte de instalación? es decir, que compro el bot y me instalo por un precio adicional, ya que el bot me lo entregan operativamente.
  3. Thank you very much for your response, and sorry for the inconvenience. By traffic the Loader is used, in the same way by another type of infection it is good to always use a loader right? so as not to burn the correct main bot? Do you have installation service? that is turnkey? Buy Loader Installation service with its 3 domains. It's possible? What price does the service have if it is?
  4. I already sent you MP with invitation, greetings and ben dia
  5. Something similar happened to me with Mexico records, but since I didn't buy many, I assumed it was the age I had. 😞
  6. When buying, is there any FUD service you can recommend for your BOT? When you buy can you ride and the bot and deliver it working
  7. I still request traffic if anyone has, please comment, thank you and good day I need traffic from Mexico: work with% I need traffic from Botnet, Google Ads, Ads Bing, etc ... or okay. I work under% Greetings and good morning.
  8. Please excuse my ignorance. I have a question if it's not too much trouble. A Loader like Ademy is only used to infect and then load the Exe from the main bot? Or what is the correct order? Loader Bot RAT Loader Bot RAT Loader Bot Please someone would be kind enough to comment on the order and why. Thank you very much and again sorry for the trouble for the question, thanks.
  9. Thanks for your response, the bad thing about being the same form is that the vast majority do not use Ads.google, so buying at random is usually not the most convenient. Thank you very much and have a nice day. Great site the Genesis Store, good sales
  10. I need Traffic from Mexico - Work with% I need traffic from Botnet, Google Ads, Ads Bing, etc ... or according to conform. I work under% Greetings and good morning.
  11. Necesito tráfico de Botnet, Ads Google, Ads Bing, etc... o según corresponda. Trabajo bajo% Saludos y buenos días.
  12. long ago I bought the bot with all the modules, and in fact I never connect my exe, in fact I get infected from other people except mine, pay a re build and nothing, talk to him who sold it and told me it was My problem, when it wasn't like that. That's my experience, and I'm not going into discussion, I just share my experience.
  13. We can work in many ways in Mexico, I occupy Botnet traffic for different institutions, we can work with% or I accept proposals. Serious people please. Good morning and regards.