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  1. I got all my load, and crypted file plus a 300 bots bonus for the dellay, # nice service
  2. Forst time i bought get stats know i done a bigger order i dont get stats, and the crypted file what i paid for
  3. High Quality PC Install Prices Min. Order Amount for PC:INSTALLS Mix World - 80$ - 1K Mix Asia -60 - 1k Mix Europe-400 - 1k UPDATES/LOADS Mix World - 140$ Mix Asia - 100$ Mix Europe - 600$GEO TARGETS LOADS/UPDATES AVAILABLE NOW !!! MINIMAL ORDER =250 BOTS USA,CANADA,EUROPE,ASIA,LATINA, Germany COUNTRIES ARE AVAILABLE All sales are final , we not Refund Money ! I charge for execute of your exe on our system , Not bots in your panel ! Crypt is too avaible - $25 Delivery Rules: Under 200 Bots Instant delivery for PC after your payment depends your (order amount if 200+) 24-48hr (if under -100 4-8hr) (Because after your payment were set your post to sticky in our Download Sites for download your stub only unique persons so this taken min. 24hr) Who can like my service? If you looking for High Quality mining bots or Unique logs you are in the right place! This bots can be huge profitable for yours! Because of people download your files as unique. FAQ Can i got Geo target country ? Yes! Does you accept Paypal? Nope , Only Bitcoin. I work just with Contract Does you allow any file ? Exe & Dll. Vouches Avaible [0/03] Jabber- xTheRealx@jabb.im
  4. Im New . Need Help - I pay

    Hello Exploit.in Just call me Nesho, im new in dedik.cc and new in the hacking scene, i do ratting for years, but we all know rat is nothing. Today i buy Smoke Panel + Grabber + Stealer but i have one big prob. Idk how to Setup it to my VPS. Today i Rent a EK. yes u have it Idk how to Use it 😄 King Regard Nesho