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  1. All is delivered and we are up and running! We apologize for delay, won't happen next time 😉
  2. Send me your .onion domain and your jabber ID, if you have a license we will give you support, you already broke rule number "3. Any issues please contact me directly." ....... BOT works, and all function work, stop telling lies.....you don't have any proofs of what you are saying because all works.... lets talk with staff of forum and we solve the matter....
  3. Wait.... what??????? Who the hell are you? YOU NEVER BUY MY PRODUCT give me your jabber ID...... All FUNCTION WORK.................DON'T WRITE TRASH .....I CAN SHOW EVERYTHING i will prove everything to the Moderators if need it thanks.....
  4. You cannot force a seller to rent you a product...if you cannot afford it please search for other..... You have joined the forum less than a month ago...and you are suspicious? i am not interested to sell you anything, specially when a newbie is talking about respect, then insulting me "not like pay money" go troll somewhere else thanks...
  5. I confirm that is NOT my jabber, please always PM to get confirm and to get my jabber.. thanks anubi@404.city ===> SCAMMER
  6. I have contacted you several times, you are always offline, please answer us to jabber thanks
  7. There has never been startup issue... please contact us on jabber..it seems that you never buy the bot from us.... o.O
  8. please read the thread maybe you did not read all the functions, it has browser and pop3 stealer thanks
  9. The Formgrabber records everything automatically, however if you want, there is the possibility of blocking the sites which you don't want to have logs.