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  1. Attention please before contacting us . The only measure for static and runtime detections is Dyncheck ONLY. All stubs are also checked on NGCrypt local Virtual Machines to check the functionality of the stubs, before being upload to the server. As a result, NGCrypt is not responsible for any deviation in the results observed on your VM/PC compared to Dyncheck. For instance, if your machine is up for a long time and you run several infected/malicious files, WINDOWS DEFENDER is likely to increase the sensitivity of the local/cloud scan so any type of modified or suspicious files may be detected as a TROJAN, BACKDOOR, etc.
  2. i think you are talking about other crypter ours doesn't have progress . sorry no x64 support yet . all FUD and working .
  3. update : Added a mechanism to check and replace detected stubs every hour; now crypt with peace of mind.
  4. promotion period ended . prices are back to normal. working smoothly .
  5. amazing customer thanks for purchase and we definitely code exclusively for his samples.
  6. thanks for your purchase and honest review glad things worked out for you eventually and wish you the best in future.
  7. UI updated as suggested by users updated . working smoothly .
  8. thanks for your purchase very good and supportive customer. private stubs -= 1
  9. please contact us with your payment detail and user we check right away .
  10. thanks we wish best also. stubs are updated everything runs smoothly .
  11. very right. private 6 AV for current stubs and setting it may change in anytime . we also have strict policy and we don't crypt a lot of files like lockers. eventually we will remove shared stubs (its mostly because we want people try our service so we can mature and fix any bug left). we prefer support 30 customers instead 300 and selling $30 stubs which burn fast and hurt engine. in few weeks we will only have subscription model based on private version with totally different price. good luck maintenance and hopefully you back in business in no time .
  12. thanks for your purchase and letting us know . 99% of softwares are compatible with our software we just won't allow some. have good one
  13. Guys, if you really need XP support, please vote for it. If many users need it, full support will be implemented.