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  1. Скан портов RDP

    https://dedik.cc/topic/149749/ masscan.
  2. thank you and i do not see you online in jabber.
  3. idk if you want we can test, is a pos malware, we can test it and see . PM for details.
  4. i worked already with your jsworm project, check this please and tell me if it is outdated:https://www.pcrisk.com/removal-guides/15662-nemty-project-ransomware
  5. Conditions?what % you take, what % you give?i am interested.
  6. i added you, we speak in jabber for details.
  7. As in title, Source codes with shop script for starting your own bizz ! can sell the omerta seller account too ( 6k to become seller there ) for a reasonable price. More info, demo, tests, in private. The malware, shop, comes in source, not builder or similar things, i sell straight the source codes for them. Price for package ( without the omerta seller account) is 6500$ Price for full package with the omerta seller account included is 9000$ 72h Support from my side! Only 2 copies will be sold from whom only one can be with the seller account from omerta! Payment only thru bitcoin, escrow accepted.
  8. 0day 1day

    I will buy UNIX exploits, private ones only .Budget 50k. Do not came here with public stuff.Aplications under linux that allows me to get full control of unix systems as root are welcomed.