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  1. Insider Trading Service

    I don't think the model business they were doing are similiar, Adobe has a monopoly in their hands and a business model which doesn't rely just on business customers, if they get hacked where to they go? nowhere because the tools and products they built was on their platform, this is different, such company just develope such software and sells it ready made to businesses and states, so if such of thing happen they could just migrate to a safer one after the scandal thanks for arguing
  2. Insider Trading Service

    i guess rip adobe. but it isn't like that, it's like adobe selling mysql server software to thousands of people and all they get hacked and their customers leaked, i think it's big difference.
  3. Insider Trading Service

    You are correct to discuss facts, I did My own research and that company relies only on their customers, no other source of income. They provide software, software is hacked, all customers hacked and customers of customer's data leaked = big loss of trust from investors and stock go down.
  4. Insider Trading Service

    It's a fact that all your customers get hacked and the project you spent money on which is private gets leaked, this means stock go up?
  5. Insider Trading Service

    I'm looking only for a couple of serious offers. I tried to sell access to healthcare server, no serious buyer. I read the code the service is based on and has a lot of flaws, code is not public. I already have hundreds of thousands of people's data i dumped from db. The main company selling the software is worth 7*~ millions in the stocks market, I will hack a lot of their customers, deface and release data about service and customers(and software), so other people will read too and hack the remaining of the servers of other state customers for the news to spread. if You have chance to put anonymously short(stock go down = earn) order with leverage I will leak their source + all customer data to media and deface some of the sate owned servers with such news page. We can work with guarant, only serious offers. Not interested in xxxx$
  6. How to contact APT41 group

    How would I find a group which doesn't want to be found and are searched up from the most known 3 letters org? The only way I could've think is to develop a 0day and mass broadcast a message to all servers in the crash logs, but still would get a lot of cops and trolls, so i'd prefer to know if they are in some forums or shit and be assured they are the real one even if it's an invite only forum i'd prove my skills with at least knowing that if i get there, here they are, not work for months do something and then they might not be listening.
  7. How to contact APT41 group

    I got invited on Kickass right a couple of days before it went offline forever, some dumbass leaked the new url and they chosed to shut it down. I wrote to them and also realeased some stuff on the forum but after a couple of days gone, I still remember the notice for why they are gone.
  8. Pegasus Poland

    if someone have some data on it like the exploits used for iphone or android i would be interested in putting those in my arsenal, thanks for the beautiful shares @pixe1 and @Calposa
  9. How to contact APT41 group

    I would like to contact them and ask to join the team, this or other ones like thedarkoverlord tell me how you think i can get in contact, i can only think of find 0day and massflood every server untill they notice and contact me.
  10. Найти скрипт sms-gate

    If You can and want to have physical sim's, You can buy GSM Box and configure API. It will be connected to server and receive / send sms, but it requres code. Does anyone know if someone here is selling SMPP access credentials, and if the fees are fixed monthly or per message?
  11. buy server, read how to setup server for nginx pay for graphics, pay someone to put bitcoin core and RPC make DB advertise
  12. How to build a server?

    write on google how to install lamp stack. after followed procedure You should be able to go at http://ip and it would have to show default installation, after that You can follow his directives
  13. Как обойти детект AV

    I think they read names and based on how frequent it's wrote they try to detect if there is form for login and if there is form they send it to a team and they decide if it's phishing or not, also i think on score is based on location of server, domain age etc. Try to put setcookie in index (before asking the data) and allow to see content of next pages only to who has the cookie, and change this after spam end so future researchers cannot access the page. Also use javascript that decode encrypted html dynamically with key since they might log initial HTML received to the user but the key is likely not logged and will make the good boyz unable to decrypt the html later on analisys, use movement detection to check if it's real guy or bot and show the content of the page only on movement of page / mouse so eventual antivirus screenshot made will not show the content of page.
  14. so there is no way for a bootkit to be installed using the motherboard exploits that were released? like spectre