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  1. Constantly using this service, perfect friendly contact with the guy and crypting on the point, super great man!
  2. As always, very friendly person and serves a perfect product. Catches Win8 now with super rates. 👽
  3. достойный сервис, никаких проблем. мужчина потрясающий
  4. No InCrease, even with ntapi it never worked and also without crypt sometimes was not working on VM, the issue has never been found. This is NOT due to crypt. Working only through RIG because RIG bypasses 70% of Low Integrity, here's why it works. Cheers.
  5. Great author taking his business carefully. Constant online support customers with a friendly way, can see some issues with fitting on FalloutEK, but suits perfectly with Riga. thank you again.
  6. currently using this service, him and melbourne are two complete different guys. everything is fine :download:
  7. Desktop Loads (Windows installations from unique traffic, hijacked shells & more) Your get the best price for the quality. You will get unique installations from unique traffic that nobody else will ever touch. Installations you will receive will be from real alive computers with constant & recent logs. Cloaking system offered and traffic already filtered. World Mix: $100 / k European Mix: $500 / k American Mix: $600 / k There is alot of traffic, specific countries available. Requirements: A clean file to pour & good to go. Link with statistics given. Minimum order 1k. Discounts on bulk orders and returning customers! XMPP: loads@jabb.im
  8. Pretty happy about the deliverance, super rate only good to say. would recommand without hesitation. Thanks.