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  1. Need fake documents (real not draw)

    Anyone got contact for fake passport or ID (ID only EU) ? Will work only with escrow. Quality must be AAA+ Send PM with jabber for first contact. Thanks
  2. Website database access required

    I need access to the database of several websites where customers leave their name and telephone number. Can someone do this? Add me : berlintigers@exploit.im (Jabber)
  3. Buying shells from Turkey (domain .com.tr or .com but must be Turkish) PM me with your jabber. Thanks
  4. Buying shells with domain .com.tr or ip TR (.net, .com etc but must be TR) contact: berlintigers@exploit.im (Jabber)
  5. SMS to Turkey with any caller ID is very hard now. If you can do it, Im paying best fee! Caller ID must be how I chose. You must send 1 sms as test to number I give with sender ID I want before I make any payments! jabber: berlintigers@exploit.im
  6. I test it. It works good. Caller ID not work for all countries but rest is ok.
  7. Need sms spam, I will provide tel numbers and text. Want 100.000 sms to send. PM me with your offer. Will only work with escrow. Thanks
  8. I need IVR service. Who can offer? please PM berlintigers@jwchat.org (Jabber) or: @GangGuang (TG)
  9. I can generate traffic through ads to your phising/scam pages. berlintigers@jwchat.org (Jabber) to discuss. Only partnerships..
  10. Это просто жесть гарантировать что все запуститься сто процентно. Как оно запустится? даже если у тебя топ прокачанный трастом акк, даже если там есть карта, куча истории и человек туда закинет откровенный лендинг с нарко обманкой крипты, по ключам крипты типо my ether wallet или blockchain info это не запуститься никогда. Зачем обманывать людей и давать какие то гарантии. Ребят работайте с человеком по покупке акков ток через гаранта. Но я как человек который знаю адвордс, говорю вам, покупные акки никогда вам не дадут стабильности, так как в него уже тысячу раз кто то залез и гугл все это видел. please deal fo garant! Im not deceiving anyone. Nor Im saying ALL keywords will work (some keywords are blocked by google) However, it ALL depends on the landing page google is seeing associated with the keywords. Just you don't know the method, does is mean its impossible? very ignorant :) For example blockchain. Yes, it is indeed VERY hard to make this keyword but certainly NOT impossible. There are still some tricks whereby it will pass google review. And yes.. Garant is always welcome.
  11. Бред же полный, такие аки пачками делаются в базарный день по 5 баков за штуку, и "5-10 минутный гарантированный апрув обьявы и кея" не говорит о том, что пойдет реклама, и даже если она пойдет, то вполне себе может стопнутся через пару часов и айти на модерацию. А тут 300 баксов такое толкает )) Человеческой наглости нет предела) Yes indeed, there is no limit to human arrogance )) You don't know my methods and your talking.
  12. Privet, Note: These are NOT accounts created with vcc of 1$ then getting threshold methods.. These are real accounts all with impressions/hits and created with real cards. Im offering ready adwords accounts with or without balance! Several options: 1- 'My adwords' Package: - Warmed up adwords accounts with highly daily budget (warmed up: impressions and hits received) - Domain + Hosting of the approved ads in the account - With 250$ worth of credit (not talking about threshold. Real spendable credit of 250$) With this package, all you need to do is add your desired keyword (which will be approved in 5-10 minutes garantueed) and either change the hosting with your html files or put a meta refresh to your own domain. In short: after you purchase the package, you will get traffic to your domain/site in 5-10 mins guaranteed! Can be used for BH.. no one watches much the domain, believe me! 2 - 'Your adwords' Package: - You will get an adwords accounts fully approved and with hits to YOUR domain. I will get your domain and keywords approved and hand over the account in that way. - With 250$ worth of credit (not talking about threshold. Real spendable credit of 250$) TATs: For package 1: immediately deliverable For package 2: Between 1 and 3 days max (usually 24 hours max) Prices: For package 1: 300$ (including 250$ worth of credit to spend!) For package 2: 325$ (including 250$ worth of credit to spend!) With no balance: For package 1: 125$ For package 2: 150$ Payment terms: upfront or using escrow (escrow your costs)
  13. Website database access

    There are several websites where customers leave their name and phone number in a form and submit. I need access to those databases. Can someone do this? Add me : berlintigers@exploit.im (Jabber)