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  1. Can you hit me up on private chat... I would like to try that out.
  2. I'm in need of bulk SMS or SMS API that can deliver to Africa, Asia, South America... Please refer me to a website or a good vendor. Thanks
  3. Hello house, I got a good linux smtp scanner but I need someone to recommend a good place were I can buy centos server for scanning without being disabled. Please help in recommending a good seller or website to buy from. Thanks
  4. I am interested.. I tried to message you jabber but it show's rejected. Can you PM me or add me up on jabber
  5. Bro I have just added you up on jabber. Am interested in your services. Please check jabber and respond back
  6. I have a budget of $500 to $1000. Strictly for office365 accounting logs. The logs must be either account receivable or account payable's that are into invoicing. The rules are, I will only pay via Guarantor and I must be able to go through the logs to confirm they are accurate and what am looking for. I will be paying $50 per log.