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  1. Hello, i am buying facebook business accounts with CC attached, payment after check or with use of guarantor PM me if you are selling I am also interested in buying german FB accounts (CC does not have to be attached)
  2. Hello, i am looking to buy VPN setups on routers, only interested in Tier 1 countries and blacklist check must be provided PM for jabber
  3. Need a quality glue or macro service (subscription and long-term cooperation only) exe + doc/exe + exel/exe+ JS/ Also archives (rar, zip) message me in PM
  4. Looking for fully verified Revolut/Transferwise/N26 with card included will pay more for live video verif Contact in PM with prices and telegram or jabber
  5. We didnt offer this service 2 years ago, watch the slander. Yeah, we can work with guarantor, with the consulting there will be full guarantee that your camps will last (if they dont, we setup a new account with refunded budget from last account)
  6. Hello, my partner has been providing this service privately for the past 3 years, but as he has huge medical bills from a bad car accident we are now accepting new clients. We have built up a network of moles that are paid off at outbrain and taboola, this allows us to offer the following services: We offer: Moderation bypass for the Top native ad networks (outbrain/taboola) on ANY subject Ability to create agency accounts (no spending limit, will last way longer than regular accounts, can advertise topics regular accounts cant) Ability to download any data on ANY advertiser that is running on taboola or outbrain (you can see what they are targeting, how much they are spending, take their landing pages/pre-landers etc) PM me if interested, since this involves moles at the top ad networks and it could result in an employee being fired, so that is why we will not accept just anyone. to prove we are legit, I will privately send data on any advertiser requested to the first 2 trusted members who PM me with their request Since this is consulting, the rates vary according to each subject since some clients will need more services than others Agency accounts have a fixed price of 1K each, money that is unspent will be refunded if banned, so no worries about losing a large sum
  7. Hey guys, wondering if anyone has successfully used this guys services on antichat? He has been there for a while but I have not heard much talk about his offerings. Would like to know if anyone here has had any experience with him link
  8. Hello, I am buying spam loads in tier 1/tier 2 countries. We can either work on 50/50 or straight payment. Taking as much volume as possible so please PM me and we can start working!
  9. buying SMTP, all countries except RU/CIS, ready to buy SMTP after successful test. thomasbaker@exploit.im
  10. Hello, I am looking to buy letters and templates for file distribution through spam, must include randomization and be suitable to target corps msg me on jabber with your themes and price: thomasbaker@exploit.im