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  1. I require a partner

    Do you have physical access to cashiers? Can you get a hard drive from one of them for analysis?
  2. BitLocker Hacking

    If the machine were on, there would be a possibility, with the machine off, your only chance is a weak password. As noted above, the only way now is a brute force attack. There are no known vulnerabilities, as of this writing, which could somehow break bitlocker encryption. You should now try a bruteforce attack with a good wordlist. If you are aware of the length of the password and you know it is long, forget it completely.
  3. It is very simple indeed. Domains are already registered and ready, just waiting to be replaced, automation software checks the status of the current domain every 30 seconds, for example, and performs a task to replace the domain in the campaign. I have already programmed software to do this in the past, it worked perfectly with campaigns.
  4. Could give more information about the target and the price you want to pay. and if you want to pay for a pentest (full analysis) or just in case of a positive result.
  5. We need to define what type of interception you are looking for. If you have the possibility to infect the phone, just use a RAT to monitor all incoming SMS. Depending on the method, I can also advise a well-engineered IVR to have the person enter the number if infection is not possible.
  6. As I said, this will depend on which operating system is running on the machines, which version, which services and which versions of these services. The first step of a pentest is to identify the targets.
  7. I advise you to start with a port scan and see which services are active on the machines, looking for vulnerabilities that allow some type of code to execute on the specific version of these services. You can also search for specific vulnerabilities in operating system versions and perform an exploit. Other than that you can also do a poison DNS attack. Combined with a fake page and a download, it can be very useful. MITM Attack is possible too.
  8. Update: Only 100$ (Not 150$) at this week! Take advantage of the promotion to find anything, about anyone.
  9. I believe this is against the rules of the Forum. But let's wait for a moderator.
  10. Update: I can also provide data about any company, as well as its corporate structure, and all possible details.
  11. PM with your budget. I can code in short time.
  12. It was not very clear. You have a phone number. And with this number, do you want to find the location of the person? This is it? If so, which country?
  13. куплю чекер amazon

    Post the price you want to pay. some (like me, for example) develop custom softwares, and may be interested.
  14. Service You will give some small initial information, and with this, I will get all the data about any Brazilian citizen. What can be found Full name. Date of birth Mother's Name Name of the Father Full Documents Social Security Number (CPF) ID card number (RG) Voter title number PIS Number Driver's license number (CNH) Issue Dates Complete address. Old Addresses Preferred Address Landline number Cell phone number Old phones numbers Email Participation in companies Places where worked Neighbor List List of possible relatives Business address Profession Schooling Vehicles. Vehicle License Plate Type of vehicles Year of vehicles AND MORE!! CHECK IT! What you need to inform a social security number, a full name, a telephone number, anything that can be used to start the search, just one of these is sufficient in most cases. Any other data, such as a license plate, anything, can be used to get started. Can all data in the list always be found? No. Basic data is found 100% of the time, some of the most advanced are missing in some searches, but generally 80% of the data is present. Sometimes, 100% Price 150$ each search Do you accept guarantor? Yes, no problem Contact PM or Jabber: x4x4@exploit.im
  15. try2services still working? What is the current price for each check? Not reporting anywhere on the topic or website (at least not before making a deposit)