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  1. Yes but with this method, police can know location of the phone, not exactly but know your city or street if you are in big city... I think i can be more anonymous with internet connection than GSM..
  2. Hello i want call bank anonymously, not with GSM, GSM not secure, register your location... i am looking for method for call anonymously, anonymous provider voip or other method. I tought about this schema : 4G connexion anonymous > VPN > WHONIX GATEWAY > WHONIX WORKSTATION with SKYPE / But i fear the call is not good, too slowly. I pay for method, or it's good speak ont his topic, i think that help some people..
  3. Hello i am looking for partnership with womebody have banking botnet. I need french bank login We deal for +50k$ USD per month. It is very serious leave me your JID in PM.
  4. Hello I need someone can help me for found better banking botnet and i need someone for spread this. I have lot of money for invest I am looking for french bank login. Please if you want big money with me, add me fuckmoney75@xmpp.jp or contact me here PM
  5. hello i am looking for french bank login, if you have please contact me
  6. Hello i am looking for french bank log, if you have please contact me. Escrow only.
  7. Bro, sent 15k$ to escrow is not problem, i have never tell the money is a problem for me, i just search coder team for private bankbot bro, money is not problem for me.
  8. Yes bro i beware of rippers dont care 😉 i am still interested
  9. My contact is fuckmoney75@xmpp.jp and, i have no reputation, but i have big money.
  10. Hello, I am looking for private bankbot, with webinjects hvnc I have money for invest i dont speak for nothing, so, do same. I want test bot before purchase, and i dont want speak with middleman, i am not children.
  11. Hello I buy install mix world for test, i buy real computer not vm not server okay ? fuckmoney75@xmpp.jp
  12. Hello I am looking for french DB mail : pass : name.