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  1. I know prices for a normal CC would be around $ 20 but no idea what a CC with VBV sells for. I'm thinking about $50 - $150 depending on card type.
  2. Looking for your unused, dirty, unwanted top-level or country wide TLD domains, they must be set to my NS, $1 per domain buying in bulk! PM me!
  3. Куплю домены com/net/org

    Скуплю ваши старые/ненужные/отработанные домены по 1$ штука в больших объемах, постоянное сотрудничество.  Интересуют только .com/.net/.org. Необходима привязка на мои NS. /PM Eng: Buying your old / unnecessary / wasted domains for $ 1 a piece in large volumes, constant cooperation. I am only interested in .com / .net / .org. A binding to my NS is required. / PM
  4. I have a lot of mobile traffic coming from spam I need to monetise, any good affiliate networks for this? Send me a PM or reply to this topic. Thank you.
  5. Redirects

    Need large volume of domains to use as redirects, paying $1 per domain .com, .net, .org needed they will be needed to set nameserver. PM me.