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  1. Flooding a Telegram account

    Telegram bots are unable to send messages to a user unless the user starts a chat with the bot...
  2. Flooding a Telegram account

    Is it possible to flood a Telegram account with too many accounts sending messages constantly?
  3. Anyone knows xsndr.sw?

    Ive tried, the asked invite, I said that I want to buy, they said no sale only invites/ The exact reply they sent to my inquiry
  4. Anyone knows xsndr.sw?

    It looks like they have managed to earn some respect: _https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/xsender-the-source-of-all-the-recent-xmpp-spam/
  5. Anyone knows xsndr.sw?

    Is anyone here who experienced working with XSNDR (https://xsndr.pw) mail flooding service?