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  1. still need - dont need fast flux, just the hosting Please register and write to support mtvds.com ok.. but on site says anti spam policy zero tolerance .. how strong is this..
  2. Hello, need hosting that allows sending out spam, preferably ones that support fastflux and is cpanel friendly - willing to pay reasonably extra for this service. so if you can point to right direction or if you provide this yourself hmu in PM, send ICQ/jabber to discuss more.
  3. English: excuse me for translation, used google translate my usual vendor vanish on me, need physical fake id e.g. UK passport book, passport card, driving licence etc. if you can make hmu asap please (not scans, physical only) and also if u have vendor that does this hmu too, help me i help u. just pm me. thanks. Russian: извините за плохой перевод, используется google translate мой обычный поставщик исчезает на мне, нужен физический поддельный id, например, паспорт Великобритании, паспортная карточка, водительские права и т. д. если вы можете сделать hmu как можно скорее (не сканирование, только физическое) а также если у поставщика, что это хму, помоги мне Я помогу тебе. просто вечера меня. спасибо.
  4. Hello In need of UK databases WITH mobile numbers in BULK, always BTC ready hit me up in pm for jabber При необходимости базы данных Великобритании с номерами мобильных телефонов в BULK, всегда BTC готов
  5. Hello, i am selling SMS gateway which allows spamming, you'll have the option to spam with routes worldwide (including UK, USA, Canada etc.) It has alpha sender ID and you can top-up in various ways including with BTC Alongside the gateway I will introduce you to admin so you guys deal between each other Currently selling it for $500 and only selling to a few people so doesnt become over populated. So PM me if you're interested and only if you're serious. Escrow is welcome.