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  1. Shortly after expressing my feelings, Smoke sent me the updated version of Smoke Loader. All is well. He is a good guy with a great product. I believe he was just looking out to make sure this version did not leak. Thanks again Smoke :)
  2. I am a license holder of Smoke. I contacted Smoke on XMPP to request the update... and he told me that only Russians were going to receive the update and not those who live outside of Russia. I paid the full price just like everybody else. Very upset about this. When I originally purchased it said future updates would be included. Just because my native language is English I do not receive an update?
  3. Advice For Google Adwords

    I need to purchase Google Adwords. What do you suggest? Should I purchase a CC and use that? Please advise. Much Thanks
  4. Hiring Someone To Mass Mail Crypto Emails

    Still looking for spammer. Please contact me if you are interested. Big potential.
  5. Hiring Someone To Mass Mail Crypto Emails

    Need someone to mass mail crypto emails (you can even use bitcointalk db dumps). Paying 10% of overall profits from ICO. Contact me ASAP if you are interested.
  6. Best Software For Targeting

    https://www.powershellempire.com/ - customize to your requirements Thanks for the reference to this. I've tested it out and was able to configure an http listener. However, I am not sure how to add modules still even after research (or even how I would spread a simple .ps1 file). Disclaimer: I am not good with Powershell.
  7. Best Software For Targeting

    I really like the idea of simply targeting "clients" and not mass-spreading. I've tried several different software's from this forum but all are too public (again, due to mass spreading, detection's, etc). What would be the best software to use in your opinion if I was looking to land 5-10 "clients" per month. Strictly desktops only (win xp - win 10). Thanks for any advice. XMR-Reaper
  8. suggestions for crypt with my software

    I have purchased just about every crypter that is available for sale on various forums including exploit, ranging from $10 all the way to $2000. They are all garbage from my experience and never deliver the detection rates as promised. Currently I am using Smoke Loader and I just need a great crypt so I can spread. Does anyone have a personal recommendation that would go well with the software I am currently using? I target so I do not get many clients. Seriously, under 10 per month. Thanks, XMR-Reaper
  9. RDP For Hosting RAT Software

    Is this the website you are referring to? lolekhosted.net/