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  1. Training/Tutorial

    Hi Guys, i need someone who can boost me in Information security and Hacking training. I need someone who can explain and show me things in real life. I dont need anyone that will send me bunch of videos or materials to read. I can as well search for those books and read them all by myself. I just need someone who is grounded and good at training people remotely. I need to learn this because i am getting a job offer in information security and i also need to prepare for offensive security course exam. Please write me if you can be my professor. Cheers
  2. SMS Blasting

    I need someone who can blast sms. Sometimes i will provide you my own contacts, sometimes you might need to generate. You must be able to give some level of results guaranteed. Inbox me if you are capable
  3. Hack a website

    Hey guys, i have a website that i need to get their customer's contacts list.
  4. Bitcoin Forex Trading Website

    I need someone who can develop simple, responsive and elegant website for trading bitcoin with real time update set by admin. I need Landing page, Admin and user dashboard with Chat support. Please write me for more info. Cheers
  5. Scam Page

    i got one fro adobe, but i dont like it much because it doesnt validate...if u want i can share with u
  6. Scam Page

    not yet, do you have ?
  7. Scam Page

    I need someone who can make clean scam page. I need Docusign and PDF login. Their current login page. It will be two step. First page, redirect to invalid password, and destination page. PM to discuss
  8. Web Apps Develop

    I need someone who is a developer, someone that can create interactive prototype/flow chart. I have an idea about project so i need someone who is smart and intelligent. Your must be a good coder. Your code must be clean, explanatory, secure and readable. This is Legit business.
  9. I need office 365 true login spam page. I need something private not general page out there. You must know what you are doing and how to code. Ping me here is you have.
  10. I can send for you. 0.5cent per lead. Minimum order is 5k leads. 94% inbox. What i need from you. Yous letter with your link Your leads. If you are spamming virus, inbox depends on your FUD, i am not responsible. Please dont ask me to sell sender for you, i dont sell senders. Just give me what you want to spam and the leads. All i do is load it to my private sender and it will deliver to inbox.