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  1. hi i need shell with sendmail i need around 100-300 everyday. if people have shells message me with jabber rippers stay away, if i want i make use of garant. only shell with sendmail , if no sendmail im not intrested
  2. i dont give a shit about what you think clearly both claims got rejected, as i delivered all what that guy wanted so go make ur homework first and make ur time usefel in stead of being an asshole on my topic
  3. i dont care, if someone do not want to work trough garant it is his choice i want to work trough garant with shells, because i got scammed more then 20 times searching for shells vendor so go and make ur time useful, u probably have no work now thats why u come here clowning my topic anyway im lokoing for software and/or shells with sendmail ! i can pay instant if price is good. ! I only work trough garant!
  4. hello, how to get own shells ? i do not want shell from bruteforce. but shell to get from exploit, as those most of times better quality shells if someone has software or method to collect, pls PM i can buy the method from you ! Need it ASAP rippers do not contact. i only work trough garant.
  5. hi i need to send sms to uk phone number with my own custom sender id this will be name of banks. i dont need to do mass spam, but just targeting 1 by 1 who has gateway and can send sms for me, i can give u btc in reward or can help u with target mail spams in return :)
  6. i pay for adwords marketing

    hello who is good with google adwords ? there are some legit businesses which pay now mothly couple of thousand to adwords who here can use cloaker and debit ccs etc to card and get an budget on adwords im looking for people for longterm, for instance i have a main business. i want to have a big budget for it on google adwords. but that site cant be blocked, so u have to use other urls and use redirect and cloaking and shit. i can pay u a monthly fee per website. pm your jabber if you know how this works or pm if you want to work and i can explain how it works.
  7. Редиректы

    i can give you https redirections for 1 usd each can give u 10 / 50/ 100/ 200 /500 redirection .. after spam and page get detected i can redirect url easy
  8. Рассылка с shell

    i spam with shells.. its easy and fast, but u have to filter out the good shells from bad shells. like i only use gmail inbox shells to get good inbox rate, but it isnt cheap to get gmail inbox shells its around 2 usd each