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  1. you can get easy sbl protection servers from middle eastern countries.
  2. i can fix runtime things that not important but how much?
  3. Hi, My logs are juicy and fresh if you want you can check my topic.
  4. I will provide bots from any GEO as you wish middleman accepted.
  5. If anyone interest i can supply method for spreading!
  6. I have pretty enough good re-sources for traffic if you want let me know.
  7. You can check my sale-thread. https://dedik.cc/index.php?showtopic=148486
  8. Thanks for feedback i get like this complaint today 1 client i guess sometimes AVs getting caught files and people can be made a change password next time if you dont want to this situation you can able to use BOT KILLER i allowed to all my sales bot killer.. sometimes i delete bot from my BOTNET panel but sometimes same bots come again :( so if yours use bot killer nobody can touch your bots.
  9. Jabber: melbourne@exploit.im Telegram: @MRmelbourne
  10. Welcome to Mr. Melbourne BotShop! *SOURCES* Our Bots come from Real Human Traffic *PRICE* (Minimum order amount: $50) 100 HQ GEO-Targeted for $90 100 HQ MIX for $80 *FAQ* Can i got Geo target country ? Yes! Does you accept Paypal? Nope , Only Bitcoin. Does you allow any file ? Yes! *CONTACT* JABBER melbourne@exploit.im TELEGRAM @MRmelbourne https://t.me/mrmelbourne *TOS* Your file Must be FUD!!! We Not refund Money You are responsible of file you send Us We can Refuse any Deal or any file
  11. do you mean cryptocurrencies traffic?