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  1. URL Cloaking System

    I PRESENT OUR ANTI BOT URL CLOAKING SYSTEM! Over the past few months we have developed a cloaking system that will protect your page from reports. Below is a page for a client using the system. As you will see, his page remains clean after 2 months of spam. Spoiler https://i.ibb.co/Dk6DqVg/1f635a24dc8249860cb14988d7177912.png https://i.ibb.co/qWKBRYP/0e557b395525ac10c17a65a85a5a71fd.png This service is only available to UK based spam for now and has these features: Clever detection methods Over 100 million IP Blacklist Anti-bot filtering ISP, Referer and Hardware ID filtering Redirect and Main page compatible (Recommend to use on both) Daily database and system updates With this system, no "Bullet Proof" host is required but we can point you to where to get one PRICE: (weekends included free) Per day - $15 Per week (5 days) - $30 Per month (30 days) - $150 Custom - PM Say NO to RED DECEPTIVE PAGE! P.S Guarantor welcome to try :) Contact: noscript @ exploit.im
  2. Mobile fakes

    Can do if still needed. PM me