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  1. i buy PayU payment gateway

    Hello. I would like to write a page that pretends to be a Polish pay gateway with an administration panel. When someone enters the panel, the person is to appear in the panel, when he / she chooses a bank, the panel is to show how, when he / she enters the login and password in the panel, it must be visible. It's about phishing sms passwords to make a transfer. I pay 2000 usd at BTC
  2. Hello. I am interested in buying 30-50 scans of Polish ID cards. The data on the proof must be true. Evidence can not be reported to the police. PM me
  3. I buy 5k credits and i have status "The security token included in the request is invalid." : (
  4. I am looking for a website from which I could send sms spam to Polish numbers. I am asking for offers. My jid: makop011@exploit.im
  5. I am looking for a website to send spam sms to Polish phone numbers. Payment for sms in bitcoin. If anyone knows this site, I can buy this information 🙂 My jid. makop011@exploit.im
  6. I am looking for a service for mass sms sending to Polish phone numbers. Shipping sms via www. Payment for text in bitcoins. I've already searched a few tens of bulk sms + btc payments, but most do not work. I will pay for the information about the SMS gateway from which I can send text messages to Polish numbers. If you know the page on which there is no BTC payment and you can top up credits, I will be interested as well. MY JID: makop011@exploit.im
  7. Hello. I search tools or site for spam sms to polish numbers. jid. makop011@exploit.im
  8. Hello. I am looking for a sms gate to send spam to Polish phone numbers. Private or public. Most of the top sms gateways from google search engine already block sending sms to Polish numbers. My JID: makop011@exploit.im