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  1. I am a satisfied customer for a couple of months. Perfect service very good support. Always there to help me if neccesary. A
  2. Yesterday bought for first time. Good advice, very fast delivery. Thank you very much Can recommend everyone to buy frome these professionals.
  3. Grammarly Premium всем.

    Sounds good! Can I try it ?
  4. I am searching quite some time for software to mail through shells. I found a topic here of what I am looking for https://dedik.cc/topic/108651/ but the rent service might be suspended. I also heard of dreammailer ( not the chinese mailer software ) but als software for shell mailing. I searched the internet for it but found nothing. I do have a screenshot of it so I know its real. Is there anyone here who know where I buy such software? Thank you
  5. ICS Page

    Me too, I have different ICS pages.
  6. Spam question

    Very good information i'd like to know more about how I can do this.
  7. I read the whole topic learned something I want to practice. Thank you Sir
  8. Inside the SPAM Cartel: By Spammer-X - Enjoy

    Thank you this is very usefull