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  1. Office365 Service

    concerning office365 , if you have any problems with office365 contact me on jabber - quadball@jabb.im Escrow accepted original post - https://dedik.cc/topic/159734/?tab=comments#comment-1022441
  2. windows vault credentials passwords retrieved ? updated outlook 2019-2010 pass retrieved ? send to pm if so
  3. me too i am thinking of a private macro for sale hand built 5 builds 1k$
  4. macro

    i have samples of hancitor macro payload need someone who can reverse the payload and replace embedded exe with putty then reproduce builds , offer of partnership for 2 weeks also to see outcome of campaign note this is not a shallow macro , there is shellcodes xor and high obfuscation almost similar to mwi can work through guarantor if necesary
  5. lmao for a 3k bot all this kind of complaints ? i miss betamonkey seriously
  6. sitting in what escrow , you keep saying sitting in escrow without no seller why should money b in escrow ?
  7. its not arrogance , a lot of customers are here to cheat