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  1. Yes still live, msg jabber for quicker response, Also everyone who has msgd I've got back to everyone now
  2. By North America only I mean I can send sms to Canada and UnitedStates only. Sorry for any confusion
  3. Sms messaging service for North American sending, follow the below price break down: 10k=$200=0.02$/sms 20k=$350=0.0175$/sms 40k=$500=0.0125$/sms 80k=$750=0.00938$/sms(less then a penny) For more then 80k or for subscriptions based on prepurchased monthly or weekly limits please discuss on jabber. Our current system allows for us to send 28k sms /hour from multiple differant numbers, we don't send with shortcode, we send with full numbers and 1800 numbers based in silicon valley. Willing to use guarentor if you pay the fees, please message on jab for quickest response.
  4. How to use monero after exfil with azo?

    Title says it all really, I need help importing exfil'd monero to a wallet, does anyone have experience with this?
  5. Scam Page

    I got that, pm and I'll host it so you can check it and I'll send log format back aswell
  6. Title pretty much says it all, need private base along with origin of base aswell(company of dumped base) don't need any other info execpt province if available, if not it's ok I can pull that myself. If interested please pm with ammount available aswell as the origin of the base. Serious buyer here please no bullshit please no games.