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  1. are there any good fakeav, ppc, ppi, lockers, any kind of that affiliate programs still there? if so -PM i can get good amount of TOP countries for that!
  2. if you are ready to pay 5000$ monthly - we can find solution for that
  3. ALT + 255 CreateDirectoryW?

    Just put it HEX encoded inside CHAR array like this: CHAR wszDir[] = { 0xFF, 0xFF, 0x00,0x00 }; // your invisible character WCHAR wszPath[16] = L"C:\\test\\"; // this is the directory in which invisible sub-directory will be created, make sure you have c:\test directory if you will copy-paste this code to test it wcscat(wszPath, (WCHAR*)wszDir); if (CreateDirectoryW(wszPath, NULL)) { MessageBoxA(0, "success", 0, 0); } thx, that works fine.
  4. ALT + 255 CreateDirectoryW?

    The folder name cannot be longer than 255 characters. Use SetCurrentDirectory https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/wi...0(v=vs.85).aspx Create directory, hold ALT key and type 255 on numpad, thats what I need with CreateDirectoryW
  5. ALT + 255 CreateDirectoryW?

    Any idea how to create directory like with ALT + 255 with unicode ( invisible char )?
  6. [SEARCH] C++ RDP client

    Why you put coding in your interest if you can't even bother to learn how to complete such an easy task? There is RFC's and documentation on github about this. your logic: you can't be interested if have interest in completing such easy task. . lol. !Предупреждение от модератора:Оскорбления и обсценная лексика запрещены правилами форма. ПРАВИЛА ФОРУМА
  7. [SEARCH] C++ RDP client

    looking for c++ code, just connect and login needed, pm pls if anyone can help
  8. Спам бот

    spambot still working good, depends how the bot is working, even direct to MX EHLO / HELO [] or FQDN, mine sends over SMTP's from pony at the same time also to MX and result is good inbox over SMTP's, you just need many of them... MAIL FROM is identicaly with the users mail from pony, and if uses MX it generates existing domain for example 5993.com random name like Marry49@5993.com ( it works fine but inbox is bad, with MX only you will need massive mail lists with shit like gmail, outlook, hotmail, gmx etc filtered out... or you send some .doc for bypassing but idk as i send only .js ) and one bot send out around 600 mails per minute
  9. alright, just because i don't like seeing someone calling me ripper, while knowing nothing about me, i uploaded the logs for free: https://www.sendspace.com/file/s4cyht now you can put that logs in your ass, while thinking twice about who you call ripper next time first.
  10. Logs from worldmix botnet, 1 month old. Price: 500$ kns@jabber.ru
  11. 536 882 - they are unique sorted sell only not exchange..
  12. From worldmix botnet, they are about 2 months old. 850$ kns@exploit.im iКомментарий от модератора:Работайте через гарант!