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  1. Looking for a private sockprovider for United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium. For Desktop and Celullar. and/or looking for someone that has clean malware too make a desktop and android phone a socks5
  2. Looking for mobile numbers from uk/nl/be
  3. I was try to work with this guy , but its verry bad communication with him,ALL ITS A SECRET, transparency 0 , after send sms spam,got some results (3 days ago),now he unser very rare , i guess its busi with the cashout. Be carrefour guys with this member ,i have spamed for him and he just don't unser now ... INVENT THINKS ... This is complete bullshit. Show logs? Your spam was shitty, we did test run got bad results. Where you want me to get money from the tree in my backyard? You just randomly assume I was busy with cashout, but I told you results were bad. This guy is a joker people. I am always 100% real. Ask around!
  4. As title says, sms spam service needed. I will provide everything only thing you invest is time. Payout is in percentage of cash out PM me
  5. Hi peers, Going to keep it short. Looking for sms spammer, payout in % or (before) $ with 1k testrun. I will provide all, you only need to spam.
  6. Hello fellows, I have a friend that provides sms spam by using a server with a software installed on it and 30 domains, he says he pays around 500 to 1000 euro for setup. Also he says that when the server is set up, it costs nothing to send sms; and you can send 50k+ before the server gets blacklisted. My question is, is this true? Also, if there is something like this, what software should I be looking at to install on my server? If someone is willing to help me with this, I will pay 500$ for correct answer, also will be forever grateful PM me for my jab.
  7. Looking for a vendor that has a serious Routes for SMS Spamming in Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany. Money is NO problem. Only need too be sorted with a strong gateway.
  8. RDP For Hosting RAT Software

    Lolekhost provides, bulletproof rdps but you mist buy a dedicated one in order too have. Stable connection with your RDP