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  1. Office365 / Microsoft Outlook Phishing Page

    Understood your concern but this is far more advanced then the ones you speak of :D
  2. Office365 / Microsoft Outlook Phishing Page

    Hello, I know I am new here in the forums but my knowledge is only in website development I have not shared much here, and I know am untrustworthy to many of you I am willing to use any guarantor, escrow or middleman whatever term you want to use I am also willing to give live demonstration of the page Once the form is submit, the info is sent to your email and then the user is brought to redirection of whichever you choose. For now by default it will direct to homepage of outlook.live.com You will receive: email, password, IP address & geo location of the user IP address from http://whoer.net/ I can use different API for the geo location, is very simple to add in my script Below is some screenshot, for those who are curious to see the accuracy Spoiler https://i.imgur.com/3ehxOTE.jpg https://i.imgur.com/E9M5NxB.jpg I coded all these scripts myself, from scratch, obviously ripped HTML/CSS & Scripts from the real office365 webpage, but the back-end is entirely custom coded by myself. This means I can edit it as per your liking, and help you to understand the functionality of all my code. I am willing to give a copy of the source to any staff member who shows interest, I hope this shows a sign of good faith as they can test for vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and error handling. Currently am pricing at $75 for the source as-is. And $85 if you need me to configure everything for you. Payment Methods: Bitcoin, Monero, Nano For those who might be worried about loading speeds of the script here is it on real web hosting, not localhost https://i.imgur.com/KDgOzS8.gifv
  3. Genesis is truly great i have no reason to ever buy from competitors you make everything so simple. thank you for invite !
  4. Agreed, if you have perfect loader then it can be used as main hub to install separate malware for other purposes such as hVNC and other purposes. Correct me if I am wrong, but is that not what the main users of smoke are for? To sell bots, loads, etc... It is not like competitor "bots" which are geared towards specific topics (stealing, form grabbing) whatever their specialty is.. Smoke specialty is being great loader and perfect for bot shop seller, am I right? Sorry if what I say seems uneducated, is still a learning curve for me here. But my main goal is to use for resell loads, everyone says Smoke is the best.
  5. you hve point, I hear competitor loaders often have random client loss when over 50k active connection I suppose it is subjective to the server setup
  6. I have only ever heard great things about smoke.. People say is the best and always the best. When I can afford, I will be one of your customers 😄
  7. This work perfectly for me. I find out I am untraceable like I already knew 😉 Hha but thnnk you for sharing friend ... it is really a cool software
  8. There is a saying. When something is too good to be true... 😉