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  1. Refresh your OTR. I think he's not receiving your message. My OTR is up to date, it did not go online yesterday and today, did you talk to him? yesterday or today?
  2. I made the purchase of this system on Friday (25/01), the seller disappeared and so far did not appear. I'm starting to get worried.
  3. I am interested in buying STEALER , please accept me. danieldeveloper@jabb.im
  4. I bought and recommend, works very well, very attentive seller.
  5. What is "spread" in Russian?

    все дело в таких словах как "да нет конечно" и о словах где значений много и зависит все от контекста very interesting veryˈverē
  6. Jpeg Exploiе 0Day

    This does not work, man. It's a scam.