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  1. Fresh and untouched Log for sale

    office365 Gsuite (Company Email) Spotify Netflix etc... Too much to list here. ..... Just contact me on jabber and inquire about your links. Jabber Contact: avadhoot@draugr.de
  2. Fresh and untouched Log for sale

    I've got fresh untouched and interesting logs for sale Contact me on jabber = avadhoot@draugr.de
  3. Need a Coder for a job

    Urgent contact me at Jabber: avadhoot@draugr.de
  4. I don't sell shells but i've got full access to cpanel and WHM platforms. PM if you need or contact my Jabber
  5. Thanks for the info bro! I'm already on it.
  6. Thanks mate. Will check it out. Any idea about best traffic source? Exchange or second hand traffic? Thanks again.
  7. Hi folks, I'll appreciate your recommendation of the current best Exploit Kit to deliver my malvari. I'll also like to know if registering as an Ad-agency at a DSP or Traffic Exchange will reduce chances of my campaign being banned from those platforms OR Will it be better to buy second-hand traffic from retailers? Sorry for my naivety, I'm pretty new to EKs
  8. Hi Op, If you've seen a good service kindly notify here or via PM. Thanks
  9. Just as topic listed above, i need a trusted sevice to cashout BOA and Chase transfers, this will be constant work. Scammers don't even bother! PM me if you're capable
  10. Hi M8, I have a question I'd like to ask before I rent the bundle. I intend to source traffic from ad exchanges and some DSP which I have account with. I will like to know what other things I have to put in place to use the bundle. Sorry for my noob question
  11. Hi OP, I'm interested in your service. How may I contact you?