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  1. Osiris Botnet-Осирис Ботнет

    The bot works as described. All funcs work. the outlook contacts too but a message pops out on victim. I personally have bots living several weeks but as said need pay expensive for the crypts (the runtime is greatly ameliorated). orelse buy certs etc. a lot of updates are done by seller and can ask for specific function to be customized. if running with cheap crypt attend to have your bots die from 10mins to a day. for the price of the bot I advise to work with the product.
  2. looking for doc macros (glue .doc to exe) that will bypass amsi. write in PM
  3. looking for word doc macros that will bypass amsi. write in pm.
  4. looking for FUD js loader builder. take offers in pm
  5. Worked with product. Bypasses amsi and smart screen. Fully fud as described. Pleased
  6. Hi. puchased the service in full. botnet works real good and good service and support from owner. A
  7. very good service. seller gives good support. knock is good and installs have logs. A1
  8. very good seller. took 1k loads he even gave me more. A1
  9. searching docs (doc+exe) that will bypass amsi for sending via email