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  1. think macro is better for target job. i sell macro that pass the amsi... write me if have interest. pass all on dynamic good luck
  2. if can pay the price of good doc that bypass all on dynamic, even the amsi, you can shove me msg on the jab or pm https://dedik.cc/topic/152559/ jab = cetan@exploit.im
  3. Hi, thanks for positive. we glad you enjoy cetan there is available spot, on the jabber or PM contact me for buy cetan@exploit.im
  4. still fud, pass all. write me on the jab cetan@exploit.im
  5. hello, like i say, this is the test without internet. i dont want to run the dyncheck with internet, it will give my file to the antivir vendor. i test manual on vm and record, you can see in top post the result. https://avcheck.net/id/AnOLGguWF7SJ [0/26] still have the spot ready for customer who is interest jab: cetan@exploit.im
  6. hi, i do not use the dyncheck. i test on the manual, on vm with anti virus soft. one customer did the dyncheck without internet, it give complete fud (https://dyncheck.com/scan/id/a43b4f511c86709c1b16e7933497a66f#collapse_info) with internet will be same result. the static also still 100% fud https://avcheck.net/id/lUyzVosE5mY6 spot available for the buyer who need. contact jab: cetan@exploit.im all existing customer can do the contact, we have new stub with different run method. message and i send.
  7. thank you pixe1 for honest review. spot is free, if you want to do the buy, msg me on the jabb (cetan@exploit.im)
  8. Still output is on the clean, 0/26 static and pass all on dynamic. Spot is open, contact me on pm or the jab for the buy https://avcheck.net/id/YCmg8hslIti2 this mean pass all for 2 week already. this is why polymorph obfuscation is good
  9. hi, 3k $ is expensive, but if have good way of the use of macro that bypass the amsi and all other on dynamic, u will know it is good invest. some already do the buy because they know can make money with the doc about silent exploit, unless 0day, they will not work on the system that is patch. i believe good macro that bypass the amsi will give better exec rate compare to the refud cve unless u have 0day i would not advise the search for silent. and 0day will cost you easy 50k if u ever find(which u will not probably) still spot free, did bug fix and all still fud. https://avcheck.net/id/wZkCtiyJXf6D msg me on the jab for buy
  10. hi i have give reply to all on the jabb still free spot, but sales going fast. i think 1-2 days all spots this month will be sell. if you want to the buy, send message at cetan@exploit.im
  11. thank for good word brother macro always the fud.. https://avcheck.net/id/vJ0recqODySi can be purchased, still free spot. first copies were sale, soon reviews will come.
  12. There is still free spot. Macro still bypass all on the dynamic. also pass AMSI completely. pixe1, please contact me and give guid so i can generate u the license file for the review
  13. Hello good friend, Yes, you speak truth. I see are one of them who know the worth these day of good macro :-) Yes, I can do tests for you, not the problem at all. Give me a hit on jabber (cetan@exploit.im). I am ready to help. Thank you for the comment, we like it
  14. Yes. Please add me on the jab, cetan@exploit.im Also, checked on the dynamic with Norton and TotalAV. TotalAV: https://streamable.com/evd2i Norton: https://streamable.com/eozt5 All pass ;)
  15. Hello, I rather not use the dyncheck, it is not accurate. Also I think when the internet is enabled, file is distribute to all antivirus so best is to test on the manual virtual machine. I do manual test on any antivirus you want to see. I will upload TotalAV and Norton video today. If you want any other check, please say to me in PM or jabb.