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  1. Сори, мне самому наспамил какой то человек.Предложил тестовый спам.Я согласился. Была разовая рассылка hello, sent you jabber request :)
  2. very interesting stealer, i will buy 1 build later when my current rent will expire :)
  3. brilliant service , brilliant support , 100% FUD output !!! will buy again soon !! thank you Sir! :)
  4. is this service still available ?? I sent you personal message but not received reply yet...
  5. hello, except the HVNC module, what is the difference from Osiris and Azorult ? 6000$ is a lot of money... if you can explain please. Thank you :)
  6. it looks so good, brilliant share sir :)
  7. Blackhole 2.0

    Very nice I’m going to test it out now. :rolleyes:
  8. Азор + pdf

    Spamming js is profitable ? O.o peoples really run js files attached to the emails ? They aren’t detected by gmail and moved to the junk? :blink: