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  1. Anubis Support closed ??

    I think maza will be back give it few days
  2. It is a dead end search anyone who has access to it will not give plus the access never stays long your best best bet is android botnet get your logs and then intercept the sms or forward the call :D
  3. reply me on jabber waiting 2 days on you since i paid
  4. Looking a long term supplier of android installs mainly uk but can go with eu willing to pay or work % on cashout knock on the pm
  5. I am running a team in the UK we require supply of bank logs % is good for the right people all proof can be shown we cash out good money looking long term. botnet owners with injects / we are willing to team up on the botnet / loaders / installs/ split costs ect add words professionals / we are willing to help with costs of vps cloaker tools required we might already have. email / sms spammers / pages provided and leads if needed We need professionals with experience. Write in the pm