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  1. what is the av detection? and does it have english language?
  2. All issues were resolved and bot works good. I would recommend the bot to anyone, although a few days using it might seems problematic, but eventually everything would be solved and you would really enjoy the bot, VNC works well, HVNC works well and I like the form grabber feature. Good bot
  3. I bought two crypts on greencrypt.io for Osiris banking bot and none of them worked, it kept creating a shortcut Vikings on desktop. $100 wasted
  4. I have bought and use this bot for some days, so far so good the HVNC works at least it is a bit stable, there is little or no support, I send a message and he replies maybe after two days and he runs off again. The bot is expensive enough and one should get enough value for their money. Also the bots dies after some hours, I had 14 bots and all died almost immediately, now I have just 1 in my panel and this is gotten from HQ doc spamming and torrents. I normally would make such a complain to the author but like i said he does not respond
  5. Cerberus ANDROID Bot

    reply your messages bro