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  1. selling 1 locked multibit wallet with 500 btc

    I have already seen many guys selling blockchain wallets with more than 550 btc and nobody wanted to buy, simply because it is not possible to remove the bitcoins without the private key Likewise, it is necessary to have the password to remove the 500 btc of this wallet that you are selling, maybe there is an exploit in these old multibit wallets where it would be possible to make the withdrawal without the need of the password, or maybe brute force works be realistic, with all due respect, if you ask 1k for this multib wallet without password it would still be expensive :), IMHO. PS If you have any additional info about the victim as email, please send me on pm, maybe I can help.
  2. selling 1 locked multibit wallet with 500 btc

    Lumia,Show the link in blockchain with the key containing the 500 btc, that would be interesting I think there is an exploit in these old multibit wallets By the way, 100k no one will pay.((
  3. Administartor Linux Unix system

    Is it possible to configure and install forums like vbullettin or simple machines forum?
  4. Everything you wrote is correct and I agree. But there are still moral values, and many hackers prefer to steal the banks than to work with lockers,many business managers do not have a security culture and do not mind backing up their data. many prefer to believe in antivirus companies and security systems that we know can be exploited so they feel safe,the more we know that security is an illusion, so many companies continue to be infected ransomwares is still lucrative and not more like years ago, that is fact. Do you have screenshots of your ransomware's profit stats?
  5. I understand your point of view,nothing personal,but I think forum members prefer to work with ransomware pro better known as gandcrab or rapid ransomware In addition, there are other verifiable ones such as the rate of profit of the work with ransomwares has fallen over the years detection has increased And some people note the moral side of not working with lockers because it targets targets indiscriminately like hospitals However, go through the verification and a positive point.
  6. I wrote in pm (about your conditions),check later With 8k/10k you can order a banking trojan from scratch with the functionalities that you want You can use 5k/7 for webinject,traffic and install,crypt and get your banking logs Of course, just an idea, if the partner already has a bot and much better for you to work (cost sharing) Experience is important in this case.
  7. It was funny!! Look at the slavik case, and he's a smart guy, he's never worked in russia, even though the US and fbi know where he lives, he's still living quietly without much trouble For all who are in this business, this is an apprenticeship Maza-in was not protected enough,in addition to all his bot was being used for hacking practice in Russia/CIS, so this was his biggest mistake.
  8. gmail?,this is serious?((, you are stupid or naive using gamil and being tracked by fbi,nsa and interpol.
  9. Thanks for the little tut and feedback x999xx nothing is better than learning in practice)) How and the work with webinject ?, is working well ?, the logs are coming?, If it is a secret answer in pm, thx.
  10. Then share the bot with the forum and we'll see how this works 😆
  11. зарубежные аналоги экспы

    yeah)) Everyone wants to be in the best forum, in this case dedik.cc and...maybe verfield,plus in verifiedl forum we have an idiot called INC if you write more than 2 words a day in the forum verifield you are banned,typical stupid and idiot moderator,IMHO.
  12. DeepDotWeb.com closed by feds

    A website that provided a link between the regular internet and dark web marketplaces offering illegal goods and services in exchange for crypto has been seized. Deep Dot Web went down earlier today with a seizure notice detailing the authorities involved with the bust. https_://www.newsbtc.com/2019/05/07/website-providing-links-to-illicit-crypto-marketplaces-seized/