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  1. Same here, looking to buy/rent a new private android malware. or interested in a partnership with someone who has one , I do spread and know to cashout bots.. PM if interested
  2. searching again, ready to work (injects and spread) rental or % with dev
  3. Looking for private android botnet, I have my injects made, i know to spread and work bots. Looking for rental or partnership with dev on % PM me if you have something to propose
  4. Searching for very stable (big lifetime of bots) malware .exe with hVNC injects appreciated but not necessary private stuff for rent would be great first contact my MP
  5. Everything is in the title I pay PM if you have something to propose
  6. Hello, i search someone who can spread an android app validated in playstore, and bring installs Experienced person researched Contact in PM
  7. I search french mail database with informations : mail, firstname , lastname, address only PM me if you have a DB with all these