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  1. I haven't seen any reports about using this feature yet.
  2. I don't think anyone will buy your crypt. waste time. ^_^ Are you interested in developing other software? PM me. Start talking
  3. Почему это так дешево? Вы думаете, что ваш склеп не очень хорошо
  4. I think you are already google. Did not find a free decryption tool. Do you want to decrypt the file? What can you do?
  5. Я добавил твой джаббер. Давай начнем говорить
  6. Что ты имеешь ввиду? Я не могу тебя понять.
  7. Я могу задать вопрос. Тогда получите ответ?
  8. How to build a server?

    The server has not been configured yet. The browser enters: http://IP Address:80 Can not access. Php mysql apache2 has been installed, do not know how to configure, the command line is really bad
  9. How to build a server?

    Http protocol transfer data, does the server need to encode? For example, using the PHP language. What tools do the servers need? Mysql, PHPmyadmin.
  10. How to build a server?

    Hello everyone! I rented a VPS server, system: Ubuntu 18.04. My request: Server: Only need to receive data or files uploaded by the client program! How to configure the server? What software do I need to install? Client: Windows software written in C++ that collects information about the target user and uploads it to the server! Any help is needed, thank you!