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  1. these rdps, have administrator permissions to install applications? regards
  2. Chase BruteForce [High Speed]

    I'm interested. Chase BruteForce 5.0 - UPDATE ( Log Email:Pass | 2FA Email:Pass) You can show screenshots and how the results are displayed
  3. maybe you need a stealer like azaroult or a stealer better than azaroult
  4. Which is best Botnet? For Grabbing Data..

    blowbob that has hvnc, stealer, etc. is the best. I have not used it, but because of its characteristics it is the best. regards
  5. GozNym v2.0

    I do not recommend that you buy anything from the Leagemode user. Because he is a scamer. In the forum all those who accuse him of being a scamer are banned. It also sells an ATM Malware that is also another scam attempt.
  6. GozNym v2.0

    Leagemode sells it and this guy is a scammer. It is the same one that sells ATM Malware, which is also another scam. I do not advise you to buy anything from that seller.
  7. I'm looking for a vps or rdp to host RAT Remcos

    Hi. It's bad idead to use remcos, but if you want it - no problem. Bad idea because after the crypt a lot of AVs detect it like RAT and etc. I think, that you can use morene_dot_host. They have topic in these forum(https://dedik.cc/index.php?showtopic=107419) and vps costs from 10$, so I think, you can find best variant of vps as you want. Also you can install OS from your ISO. Thanks for the reply. The truth is that I'm interested in a botnet or a mouse with HVNC or HRDP. But right now I do not find any. If you know of any I would appreciate it. regards
  8. I'm looking for a vps or rdp to host RAT Remcos

    hi guys I am interested in finding a rdp or vps to host the RAT Remcost and that it is a rdp or bulleproft vps, and I suppose I can have the ports open. If someone can help me I would be so thankful. regards

    Hi guys I am looking for real US mobile numbers to receive SMS. I'm interested in real US mobile numbers, that do not expire and that you can see the online sms, and that you can choose from any state. Can you help me regards
  10. help with setup of anubis 2.5

    hi guys I have the anubis 2.5, but I do not know how to do the setup. If someone can help me I would appreciate it very much. I have thought about doing the setup in my own computer using a virtual machine and when I learn to use anubis, I will do the setup in a hosting. I hope your help, please.
  11. RazvRAT (hVNC)

    the hvnc Cloned Function of the Windows Profile active at that moment on the Hidden VNC session started. In this function, you clone the user's profile by having cookies, live sessions in browsers, etc.
  12. Я знаю, что лигемод, и он человек. То, что он говорит, что он продает, использовать две карты ATM для снятия денег, неверно. Он показал мне видео, и они были неполными. Они показали только половину. У вас есть http://securityaffairs.co/wordpress/64430/...tm-malware.html. Чтобы вам было доступно заражение, вам необходим доступ к usm usb. Это видео о его работе. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTkijfA_N5w https://vimeo.com/239975792