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  1. Hey Любые частные поставщики прокси-сервера 4G?
  2. I'm looking for a US SSH tunnel provider Contact: CoreTix002@exploit.im Thank you,
  3. Scans Documents

    Anyone's is doing scans documents for US ID+CC's? I'll order minimum of 3 orders daily Please, contact me: CoreTix002@exploit.im
  4. ID, Proof of address, bill scans, documents

    Anyone's is offering ID, bill, scans, documents for US? I'm interested in long term business Contact: CoreTix002@exploit.im Thank you
  5. Hi Anyone can crack sites for username:password like ssndob.cm, tunastock.ru, cvv-market.su, feshop.cm, meum.pw? I'm interested in long term business and frequently buying high volume accounts of them
  6. paypal

    PayPal is getting really complected/shitty by time Really do people still use it?
  7. I'm interested How do them preform with PayPal checkout?
  8. I've read this before in WSM market Read it, it might be very helpful for you Beginning: Before you go out there and start instoring you will need the following items. Card reader/writer – You’re going to have to (in most cases) need a card reader/writer to write new dumps on your cards. Especially if you want to re encode your cards and go out. The only case where you would not need this is if you were buying plastic from a vendor who offers to encode the dumps for you. For a reader/writer I highly recommend the MSR-206. It is the most popular encoder out there. You can buy them from Price: $200 $640 Computer/Laptop (Preferred) – To be able to encode your dumps (later on) you will first need a computer to hook your card encoder up to. Using a desktop is fine but if you come into any problems with your dumps which is going to happen, you will have no way to re encode your plastic. You will have to drive home and re encode there. But if you have a laptop, you can bring your MSR with you and just hook it up and re encode while you’re in your car. Doing this will save you gas, and time. Price: $600 to $2400 Power Inverter – This is a very handy tool that you’re going to need for this and you will probably find yourself using for all other types of things. The MSR requires a power source so buy or card one of these. If your laptop battery gets low as well which will sometimes happen just hook it up as well. I found a very good one at Best Buy for $80. It covers up to 800 watts (400 watts each plug). Price: $80 Plastic – I have seen all sorts of ways to obtain plastic. From stealing others and using those to buying them from a vendor. You DO NOT want to steal anyone’s credit cards and start using those. And you do not want to re encode your own credit cards. I’m sure it makes sense to do so but over time if you start using your own credit card, the credit card company are going to see the name being used and will surely contact you about these occurrence. The best bet is to buy plastic from a vendor. Think about this too. When buying plastic, get at least 2 cards with the same name as your novelty. It will save money on new novelties and give you a higher chance of walking out with your merchandise. Dumps – The most important item of this whole operation. What would you do without dumps? Nothing that’s what. Now depending on what you’re planning on getting out for your first op will determine on how much you will need to spend on dumps. I would not worry about spending for now. As soon as your op is over you will see that you have well made your money back from this. Wallet – Some people may think that putting the plastic and novelty in your own wallet is not a bad idea. But the truth is that it is probably one of the biggest problems that could arise if anything was to happen. Keeping your false information and your real information separate is a necessity. If you have any sort of personal contact information on you when carding I would suggest dropping it off in your car. Optional Items : Fake ID – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED but is not always needed. Most of the time for large purchases cashiers will ask for an identification that matches the plastic. There are numerous vendors out there who provide a novelty service that will fit your needs. Getting a state that is semi close to you is ideal in this situation. Anonymous Phone – This is optional to have, I have used dumps from seller that checks the dumps before sending so that all are valid. His dumps work 8/10 times on average. So if one card does not work I simply hand them another card with an excuse as to why that card was not working. If you’re going through any other vendor you should buy a tracfone and find a phone merchant that will verify your dumps before you go into a store. When using a phone merchant there are two ways of authorizing a card. Some people think that charging a $1 or $1.50 on the card will not kill the card as many businesses use a $1 or $1.50 charge as a pre-authorization to check and see if the card is valid. Others prefer charging a random higher amount to make it look like a legit purchase. Either way, its up to you how would want to check it. Serial to USB Converter – Smaller laptops may not come with a serial port to connect your encoder to. If this is the case you will need to buy one of these. Price: $15-$25 Newskin Bandaid Liquid – You might be asking yourself “What would I do with this?”. Well, if you really want to be protective you can put some newskin on your finger tips so no traces of fingerprints will appear on the plastic if any misfortune was to happen. Planning: Planning out what you’re going to buy before you buy it would be a nice thing to do. It saves you time thinking of what you need or might need. Also think about this. If you’re main goal is to get a hefty sum of money, you should checkout eBay to see what sells for a high percentage. Usually gift cards to popular stores get high amounts back because they are just like cash. But just double check eBay. If you’re going to do an instore op for your own personal pleasure then you really don’t need to make a list because you should already know what you want to get. Or you can look around in the store and choose what you want. Taking care of business: Before hand I always like going to the bathroom. It makes the carding situation a bit more easier if you get nervous. JediMasterC brought this on as well. You do not want to get caught and be remembered as the kid who shit his pants. That is if you do get caught which odds are you wont if you follow these instructions. Destination Safety: Choosing a location to instore is not very hard. The internet has a vast amount of websites that have store locators. So find your subject mall or store and do a search to see whats around you. Here is a very important rule to follow by. Do not do anything where you live. Or in a more common way of putting it. Don’t shit where you live. Find a store that’s at least a good half hour drive away from you and is at least two cities over. Some people choose to use fake license plates when entering your destination for carding just to add that extra level of security on in case a camera catches the car that drives away. This is of course optional, but it doesn’t hurt to put more safety on. Just don’t speed away or anything that could get you pulled over. Parking – When parking your car, make sure you park for out so no camera will catch your license plate. It will be worth the extra walk when you’re walking out with your merchandise. Ready: Now you have everything you need to get started. You’re prepared for the best and the worst situations to come. The first time you go out you should expect some nervousness to come even before entering one of the stores listed below. The most important thing to do is to stay calm and act natural. The more suspicious you act, the more the cashier is going to suspect something is up. I do not recommend taking any drug or alcohol to calm yourself down. You need to look calm and natural while being alert to your atmosphere at the same time. Important anatomy of a dump: There is a more detailed version of this on CP. But for now, you will only need to know this information to start. B41111111111111111111^LASTNAME/FIRSTNAME^060910100 000000000000000000 41111111111111111111=0609101000000000000000000000 B – Identifies to the POS system that your card is a bank card 4111111111111111 – Credit Card Number Lastname – Lastname of cardholder Firstname – First name of cardholder 06 – Expiration Year 09 – Expiration Month 101
  9. Thanks a lot for the answer mate
  10. Hey guys What legit CVV market/vendor you could recommend me here?
  11. Перехват Смс и Звонков по USA. под % от залива. Жаба в профиле ----- I'm interested Kindly jabber me: CoreTix002@exploit.im
  12. knightwolf1 I've Purchased a guide called "paypal pro" for 500$ before from this guy ( he's was providing me support even though with the silliest questions I asked when I was noob haha, well, I'm not now, actually mostly because of him/the knowledge of his guide" He was like a god to me in the online fraud game "honestly" He's the reason I'm here with you in the forum "even though I have no idea about Russian language haha, but I just signed up only cus he recommended me so" I'll be so grateful if anyone knows how could I reach him/anything about him
  13. Hey guys Does anybody have any idea on how to forward calls from a real US number to a google voice number for receiving a call?
  14. Anyone is selling these accounts or can provide them?