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  1. looking for progmmer

    looking for programmer who can reverse engineer the zelle app ( the app from apple store/ google play) and make a bypass for it. Looking to pay good money for this. Thanks.
  2. Hello, Am looking to buy any military emails/emails:pass. Navy federal, USAA, PenFed. Will buy bulk at a good cost.

    Still buying these, send me a private message if you have these to sell

    Buying REAL USA Driver's License Front+Back Picture of back of Driver's License must be able to scan and pass Send me a private message if you have new, spammed driver's license NOT LOOKING FOR RESOLD ITEMS!!! ONLY NEW, FIRSTHAND!!! **If you have picture of person taking selfie with Driver's License I pay extra for it**
  5. Hi, I would like to purchase a spamming guide or tutorial, well detailed. So that I can learn to spam for results. PM me your offer please or post offer here. Thanks.
  6. I want to hire a perl developer to write a simple script that runs any perl file I chose once it is extracted in webshell.
  7. Hands down one of the most professional vendors .... service was top of the line .. timely manner and A standard .... even added special custom script to site ..will be working again soon with him
  8. Looking for a spammer to hire, please PM. Only experienced spammers. Sorry if I post in the wrong part of this forum.
  9. Still in search of vendors who are selling hacked USA business webmails or cPanels Need to have the information in the following format: Webmail login page : email : password If you have this, then feel free to send me a PM. Still trying to find more vendors to work with you can supply this to me on a consistent basis.
  10. Hi, I am looking for US business webmails / valid email:pass Also for TLO account, Thanks!
  11. Looking to buy more TLO and Westlaw accounts. Send me a pm if you have any to sell