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  1. Hello, Like i said in the title, i want to buy developer account, contact me PM, thank
  2. Pivo proposed me transferwise account for card lol, of course im not good at you, im not a fool. You want a 50% of card because you give me a transferwise account ?? Its almost scam if the guy who provide card are fool lol ! I already know service like transferwise azimo ect... I SEARCH A MERCHANT, A PAYEMENT PROCESS, easy, not a website with method. The only type of method i can accept is bitcoin card, i can accept CC to RIB if its not a popular site like transferwise ... transferwise is the most popular website lol and this guy proposed me that... serious people only please.
  3. Hello guys, I search a guy who can provide merchant, i'll card it using EUROPE VBV credit card, and we 50/50 on card, If ready MP thank0
  4. yeah evilginx is good but with some social engineering you can bypass 2fa aswell
  5. Hello here ! I want serious contact for buying in mass mails with theses infos : mail , firstname, lastname, adress, city, zip Im looking for many country but preference english & french country Serious deal to make here ! thank
  6. HELLO HERE. I have many credit that i can bypass the vbv verification, sms, password.. I need a partner for cashout cc. A lot of money to do here, best would be method to card btc or somethign else... But propose me i'll tell you if im interessed, huge huge money here. thank
  7. Hello, i can grab UK cc with information to bypass vbv, the thing is, i dont know generaly if CC in uk are vbv password, vbv sms or something else.. 90% are vbv password right ? Thank for help.