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  1. emv info , ist files

    i am intersted to buy emv info or fresh .ist files
  2. visanet drop need

    i am looking for partners with visanet bussines and corporate accounts i am looking long time partnership , only people who have experience in this more details in pm
  3. test it on a real POS with windows 2012 or 2016 , or win10 ,,,,i send a detailed PM to see how it worked for me !
  4. just a simple test you have to make so you can see his so called new virus is an old public free virus just with the name changed buy his virus , make a txt file where you put dumps with track1 and track2 inside on an old rdp with windows 2008 on it run his virus on that old rdp where u will see it will make a log with the dumps from txt file but just the track2 it will capture and thats all now make same test on a windows 10 pos and you will not see any log , nothing This man is a conman he try to sell old virus that is free with 600$ i cant wait for the report of the P|xel
  5. i copy some dumps in a text file plain text and your virus makes no output on windows2012 or windows2016.. no login .... ONLY when the winodws is 2009 and lower it works in my opinion your virus dont worth nothing !
  6. edbitss what about my turkish pos i give you access 3 days ago and still no answer ? when you gonna refund for the shit you sold to me ? 300$ 600$ is still better than no money
  7. i put some random dumps on a rdp and i run your exe , after u give me the decoder , i decode the dumps i put it there ( those were not some dumps on some POS ) those were dumps put by me on a rdp to see what your .exe do in pos is different story
  8. i buy the malware , i test it and besides is an old ram scrapper ( IT dont work on W10) it sends encrypted dumps to unknown server , i already send some proof to P|xel . I will make a ripper report in a several days if the seller dont send my 600$ back ! P.S. : after all this i contact edbliss for explications , i even give him 3 days ago access to the POS to show me how his malware work , i dont receive any answers since then from him i saw him online connected and disconnected
  9. i wanna use escrow with edbitss , admin can contact me for further detailes
  10. BREAKING NEWS https://www.pcrisk.com/removal-guides/14388-jsworm-ransomware