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  1. This is a sales thread, stop commenting here. You can get banned for sale trashing. @Nautilus-P it was finished and you weren't online, i need the rest of the payment so i can send you the full project.
  2. https://i.imgur.com/sW1hPZ3.jpg Office365 Scam page Ready ------------------------------- Real-time Login Check (Private microsoft api) . Only true login. 100% Same as original Auto-Translate to client country location. Mobile Responsive Undetected, FUD. Extra: -------------------------------- Providing Bulletproof Hosting
  3. Coding in .NET,Python,PHP,Javascript,Node.js Web Applications, GUI/Console/Native Applications
  4. Live 2Factor Scam Pages, Banks, Crypto, Email Templates
  5. $ 20 - 150 Scam page for one website (price based on complexity) 100% Look as original website Most recent website design Optimized and fixed and design errors Logs saved locally or sent by email Scam Page Extra Features: $ 40 - Multi-Language: Auto translate scam page to victim country $ 50 - Notification Bot: Get Live Logs & Visits Notfication from Telegram, ICQ Bot $ 120 - Web Panel: Change scam page settings from panel Block ip's Detailed Views, analytics, visits, ip, victims actions Good design, secure, hidden & password protected Other: $50 - JS Credit Card Grabbers for all shops without iframe $180 - JS Credit Card Grabbers for shops with iframe Contact in PM first
  6. Searching for chinese hacking forums

    you'll get a headache trying to understand what they are saying
  7. Scam Page

    Pm me
  8. Web developer needed

    If you're still interested let me know